Andreas Poupoutsis

“Identity is a recurring theme in my work. I use the face as a canvas. Who are we behind the masks that we wear?” Andreas Poupoutsis

Adreas Poupoutsis from the series 'Hidden Identities'
Adreas Poupoutsis from the series ‘Hidden Identities’

Andreas Poupoutsis originally from Cyprus,  is a fine art photographer based in New York. Poupoutsis studied Business Management for 2 years in Kingston College, UK and then went on to get a BA in Graphic Design and Visual Communication at Accademia Italiana. After graduating he moved to New York and studied for one year before finishing off his Masters in Fine Art in Photography, in Los Angeles.

“ ‘Metamorphosis’ would best describe my creative process. I am influenced by Cubism, shapes, shadows and textures. Creating beautiful and abstract images intrigues me. I am fascinated by people’s faces and especially by the transformation they go through in my photographs. We are complex and unique individuals with our own experiences, fears and losses and use our life experience to view the world. Being true to ourselves is one of the most challenging thing we can do.” Andreas Poupoutsis.

Poupoutsis work is mysterious, odd and even disturbing. His figures and faces often emerge from shadows, their faces hidden or covered, hiding their identities. His work often connotates to the search and struggle for personal identity. He takes away their personality or any recognizable features leaving it up to the viewer to decide who they might be. Poupoutsis’ work has been described as being more self-reflective portraiture than portraiture that is focusing on the subject.

“As for my fascination with faces, I have always been intrigued by abstract portraits, every face is unique in its own way and that sparks my imagination. At the same time I’m always looking for ways to transform that uniqueness and go deeper into analyzing the identities of people.” Andreas Poupoutsis.

The work results in the reviewer feeling slightly unweary and even almost disturbed by these strange figures. Poupoutsis’ subjects look distressed and contorted their heads bent and mouths open. His work connects brilliantly with that I wished to achieve in my work. Finding the identity of his subjects brings questions into the viewers mind, who? why? making these images stand out and stick in their brain. Perhaps unlike an image that gives you all the answers.

Andreas-Poupoutsis-2 andreas_poupoutsis_hair portrait_-22 Andreas-Poupoutsis


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